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reminder: ship weeks start September 1st

- if you’re new to this event or just want to brush up on details, the master post is here.  it’s also linked on our sidebar!

- Hikaru/Lantis week is just one month away!  then after that are the other ships.  as a reminder:

(1) Sept 1-7: Hikaru/Lantis
(2) Sept 8-14: Umi/Clef
(3) Sept 15-21: Fuu/Ferio
(4) Sept 22-28: Umi/Ascot
(5) Sept 29 - Oct 5: Everyone Else

- also, if you just want to do something gen for one person from the ship for that week, that’s totally fine!  as long as you’re making MKR stuff.  you can even do platonic stuff of the ship if you prefer the competing ship. *glances at Umi fans*

- in addition, somariel​ has a thread on the forum where you can request manga scans for any graphics you’re planning on making!  you can also just browse what’s already been scanned here!