And here are the two moments that made me ship these 3 together.

Like, Hikaru saying she wants to marry Lantis AND Eagle can be seen as cute and naive thing that she doesnt really mean like that.
But I like to think that she is serious. She likes them both and knows they like each others. Perfect match.
Also, Lantis’ reaction is perfect. He just asks if one can do that XD

I have just so many feelings

Rayearth: Fanfic: Gift


Hikaru x Lantis (x Eagle) Week : Day Two : Gift

I forgot when I started this that I would need TITLES ugh whatever um

…More silly fluffy with all three of them because this is a thing I like? Though there’s vanishingly little actual Hikaru presence in this and rather a lot of Presea. Oops?


Rating: pg

Length: 1700 words (tomorrow I might actually manage to keep it to 200!! heh.)

Content notes: none. (Except Eagle being a fraction overdramatic about nothing because he can? …)

Summary: It’s really hard to find a present for someone so happy with what they have. (Sometimes you need to enlist some help.) EaglexHikaruxLantis


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Anonymous asked:

I don't see why you guys don't just pair up the weeks for umi/ascot and umi/clef. It's a really heavy focus on Umi who I don't like so much as a character (2/5 weeks revolving around her?), and I'm uncomfortable with the umi/clef dynamic so I'm automatically excluded from a week of the challenge because I'm skeeved out? Pairing them up gives an opt out while still participating. With how important Emeraude/Zagato is, why don't they get their own week?

Fair enough.  It’s because of the fandom dynamic.  Some characters and ships are just more popular.  The characters don’t exist in a vacuum.  For example, Emeraude/Zagato are not a popular ship, despite their importance as characters to the canon.  I’ve been in this fandom since 2000 and while trends do change, E/Z has never had a ton of backing.  I see more people actively gushing over Caldina/Lafarga than Emeraude/Zagato.  And that active gushing is what drives things like ship weeks.  We chose the ships that have been consistently popular.

The Umi ships are separate for the same reason I considered separating the Hikaru thing - so people can just have a fun week enjoying their OTP, one week out of 52 that’s just about them.  If, like, Fuu/Eagle was a really popular ship, it would have its own week, too, separate from F/F Week.  This fandom just doesn’t have much in the way of non-canon ships, and Umi’s the only one of the girls with more than one ship that has canon backing. (Hikaru’s situation, again, is kind of different than “competing” ships)

I did the weeks all together like one big event because that’s how I did them the first time, but there’s more activity in the Tumblr MKR fandom now than there was a year and a half ago.  In the future we’ll probably space them all out instead of one big thing since there’s more going on now, and even just five weeks all crammed together has gotten to be a bit much.  Then it makes more sense to give less popular ships/characters a whole week, when not surrounded by the chaos of ALL THE SHIPS.

Feedback is appreciated!  When I asked for it beforehand, I didn’t get much (I also didn’t want to be a pest and spam asking about it, so it’s partly my fault for not seeking it out more aggressively), so it’s hard to change things once the event’s going!  I’m a rookie at this and am learning as I go, just trying to think what other fandoms have done!  Also idk, I used the term “challenge” initially for some reason last year, and just used it again this year without thinking about it (for want of a tag to cover all the weeks) but really they’re just shipping weeks like dozens of other fandoms do.  Using the word “challenge” has been haunting me. :p  We don’t expect anyone to do something all month at all.

And no one has dibs on starting these things up!  If some folks want to organize Hikaru/Zazu week or whatever, just tag it with the usual MKR tags and we’ll promote the heck out of it!  If just one Umi/Ascot week a year isn’t enough, start another one!  tbh I would’ve started these up on my personal if Milieva hadn’t added me on as a FYR mod, cause I just wanted to do them in this fandom!

All that said, Hikaru, Umi and Fuu are gonna get their own weeks, just about each of them, gen or otherwise, probably earlyish next year?  We did ship weeks initially because they seemed popular, and did them again this year since we had last year to go off, but I’m seeing more and more gen weeks in other fandoms, too, and we definitely want to celebrate the girls on their own.

- suz

I tried to do some asking around (couple months ago), if HLE should have their own week, but didn’t get much feedback, but there’s been pretty equal amounts of HL and HLE so far this week!  so I definitely didn’t check it out enough :0  

in the future I don’t know if we’ll do an entirely separate week for HLE or continue with it as an extension of HL week (it’s a different situation than the Umi ‘competing’ ships).  I know a lot of the HLE shippers are just as on board for HL, so I don’t know!

Lantis/Eagle/Hikaru week Day 1- First


I’ve loved Rayearth since some of my followers were probably only toddlers, so I’m very excited to contribute to this challenge!

Lantis/Eagle/Hikaru was my very first ot3, and first introduction to the fact that such a thing was even possible! They are very special to me.

All of my submissions are going to be really short drabbles since I’m busy with some other projects right now, but I hope you can still enjoy!

I dedicate these drabbles to my Rayearth buddy randomnessandfantasy <3

Prompt: First:

Rating: G

Words: 326

Summary: The boys take their first visit to Tokyo.

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First day of september&#160;!! im ready to ship it up in here. Anyway “first” as in… “first meeting”!! as a child reading mkr, i loved that page ;v;


First day of september !! im ready to ship it up in here. Anyway “first” as in… “first meeting”!! as a child reading mkr, i loved that page ;v;